Burkitt Lymphoma

Burkitt Lymphoma is a rare form of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The majority of its victims are children, although it does at times show up in adults. Although they are essentially considered to be the same disease, there are two forms of this Lymphoma, one which is known as the African version, officially known as Endemic Burkitt Lymphoma and which medical studies indicate is connected with Epstein Barr Virus and the form that is found in the rest of the world which seems to have no immediate connection with the Epstein Barr Virus although in some cases the Epstein Barr Virus may be present in one of the parents. This last is known as Sporadic Burkitt Lymphoma. In the Endemic Lymphoma, the jaw is most often that part of the body which is attacked while in the Sporadic Lymphoma it is more often the abdomen which is attacked and very rarely the jaw or mouth area.

While this is an aggressive, life threatening form of cancer, it also is one which does respond well to modern forms of chemotherapy. The majority of its victims are cured and the disease rarely returns or seems to bring about other forms of cancer.

Medical professionals feel that their studies indicate this Lymphoma is in most cases connected with some form of immunodeficiency, including HIV infection. It also has been shown to attack people who have experienced some sort of transplant, for which they have deliberately had their immune systems surprised in order that their bodies will accept the transplant.

One aspect of Burkitt Lymphoma which one might not tend to associate is anorexia. It is important that a person inflicted with this Lymphoma maintain a healthy diet. Medical professionals suggest that rather than trying to stick to a regular system of meals, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, a person with this Lymphoma eat smaller meals but eat them more frequently. They should avoid junk food and eat foods that appeal to them. It is also recommended that they eat foods rich in calories.

Medical professionals also recommend that people with this Lymphoma get regular exercise.

Symptoms of Endemic Lymphoma are swellings which show up in the lymph nodes, in the jaw, neck, groin or arm pits. Symptoms of Sporadic Lymphoma usually start in the belly area.

Burkitt Lymphoma is a formidable enemy, but that doesn’t mean that its victims are defeated to start with. As in any battle, it is necessary to fight your opponent and often victims of Burkitt Lymphoma become overcomers of Burkitt Lympoma.